sobre mi

When I started studying photography, I imagined that my artistic inclinations would lie in photojournalism or studio photography, but I soon realized what truly inspired me. I like to experiment with a variety of techniques, so I work with analog and digital photography, both in color and black and white. I’ve always liked what analog is capable of revealing.

I’m not particularly inclined toward any artistic movement; I just shoot when I see something that excites me. Unusual and quirky landscapes are subjects that I enjoy a lot and I have a strong passion for.

I think I see things a bit differently than other people around me; I love the details. I am inspired by the little things that are often not appreciated at first glance. I try to use my art to take people somewhere fantastic and unimaginable.

“The landscapes and urban scenes of Spanish photographer Nerea del Teso seek to capture and explore an array of unusual and quirky places for the viewer. With a masterful use of composition and an eye for form, del Teso shoots detailed scenes depicting abandoned buildings and unpopulated terrains. Working both in analog and digital photography, and in both color and grayscale, del Teso focuses on capturing the true essence of a place devoid of human presence. In this, del Teso introduces the viewer to the essential truths regarding the nature of our world in its starkest portrayal.

There is a depth of human loneliness conveyed in del Teso’s compositions, but also a sense of the majestic nature of the landscapes of life, whether natural or human built. Buildings, while crumbling, still reach proudly to the sky; decrepit chairs and benches sit patiently, awaiting their owners’ return; and bare trees stand honorably in a desolate forest. It is in these juxtapositions between absence and hope that del Teso’s photography finds its most poignant meaning.” AGORA GALLERY